About MIMO

MIMO...Money In, Money Out!

MIMO was founded in 2010, with one vision in mind: to engineer the next generation of cash management technology. We pride ourselves in being today's market leader, providing the retail, grocery, amusement, casino, and hospitality industries with the most robust cash handling solutions in the world. MIMO was engineered to increase your bottom line by streamlining and automating cash handling operations. Spending less time counting cash helps you spend more time focusing on your customers and core business.

MIMO employs the most innovative software on the market, while at the same time remaining extremely user-friendly. Unnecessary steps and processes are bypassed to create the best possible experience for both cashiers and managers. A cashier dispensing a till can be finished in less than a minute without the need for manager interference. A manager using MIMO to create a daily bank deposit can complete this process in fifteen minutes or less.

MIMO also provides one of the most advanced Back Office Software packages on the market, allowing managers to see real-time inventory levels and transaction details from anywhere with an internet connection. MIMO's Back Office can also notify managers of any open tills, send customized status alerts directly to their phones and devices, and allow access to a variety of different reports, all easily exported to your preferred format.