MIMO takes the fear out of cash automation.

Across the country - zoos, theme parks, aquariums, theaters, and even a few pumpkin farms have all discovered how MIMO cash recyclers can improve daily operations.

Did you know that most amusement-employees collectively spend 70-100 hours per day just counting cash?

With hundreds of employees on staff, and thousands of tills being prepared, the opportunity for theft, error, and cash mismanagement is astronomical!

With MIMO you can automatically prepare tills, accept sales deposits, and track inventory and employee activity in real-time across your entire venue.

MIMO allows your team to shift their focus from cash to customer and truly prioritize the guest experience.

Shot of young friends cheering and riding roller coaster at amusement park. Young people having fun on rollercoaster.

"We've realized many benefits since we
started using MIMO in 2014.
The savings and service have been exceptional"
-Universal Studios Hollywood

"MIMO has really improved cash protection.
It's been a perfect experience."
-Anderson Farms