Five-star cash management
at your service!

These days, hotels are offering so much more than just free coffee and scrambled eggs. Incorporating restaurants, lounges, retail, and entertainment options have left some hotels feeling overwhelmed with the amount of cash-handling labor it takes to manage a thriving property.

MIMO focuses your resources and streamlines cash operations without compromising accountability. With MIMO cash automation, hotels are seeing substantial benefits while keeping their cash as secure as their guests.

Here are some of the MIMO features our Hospitality partners like the most:

- MIMO dispenses a bank, makes change, or accepts an end-of-shift deposit in less than sixty seconds

- Synchronizes cash for all outlets and F&B

- Miscellaneous Media tracking for checks, gift certificates, and foreign currency

- Easy coin-to-cash conversion

- Color-coded components for easy troubleshooting

- Deposit-only and tipping functions for servers who bring their own bank

- Cloud-based monitoring and detailed reports to view activity at multiple resorts simultaneously

With streamlined procedures and effortless end-of-day reconciliation, most MIMO hospitality customers have seen an ROI with our cash and coin recycling technology in as little as 12 months.

"We've had the pleasure of working with MIMO for the past six years. Great team, great product, and great support."
-Loews Aventura Hotel

"MIMO is one of our favorite partners."
-The Peabody Memphis

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