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April 2021


Square's cash app and other mobile payment options vulnerable to hackers. YAHOO FINANCE


How is COVID affecting the amusement park industry as more venues prepare to reopen? NPR


With the largest gathering of tribal leaders and casino executives in the country, the National Indian Gaming Association set for Las Vegas tradeshow in July.


Revenge-shopping in 2021. Consumers making up for lost time and looking to spend big this summer. GQ

March 2021


California tribes welcome first Native American cabinet member, Deb Haaland. Los Angeles Times

February 2021


Cash culture and our love of paper currency. NPR


Protecting your money from COVID-19. Financial Times


Despite COVID fears, consumers still carrying cash. Loss Prevention Media


Lunar New Year and cash in the age of coronavirus. Los Angeles Times


Don't bank on COVID killing off cash. Wall Street Journal

September 2020


Stop beating up on cash and promote its cost-effectiveness instead. ATM Marketplace


Florida cannabis sales could reach $250 million in first year. MJ BIZ


Grocery stores turning to robots and other automation solutions as coronavirus continues. CNN Business


Tips for navigating farmers markets during COVID, and how to safely pay with cash. WASHINGTON POST


Cash, debit or credit? Does paying with cash help prevent overspending? CNBC


Fact check - a cashless society is NOT on the horizon. USA TODAY


Is all the cash at your dispensary getting too distracting? CANNACon

August 2020


Consumer groups warn that cash trends in time of Coronavirus may marginalize low-income earners and those with disabilities. NY TIMES


Cash recycling isn't the only road to major savings - check out 12 things you can do today to improve your finances. LIFEHACK


Would digital payments help bring millennials back to casinos, or does going cashless mean gambling with money you don't have? THE NEVADA INDEPENDENT


Could cash and coin automation and currency recycling help in the midst of America's national coin shortage? USA TODAY


Modernized cannabis dispensaries offering pre-orders and edible "takeout" treats to keep from overcrowding. DISPENSARY 33


Burroughs offering free guide to cash recyclers to help decide which option is best for your business. BURROUGHS

July 2020


The comfort of cash in the time of Coronavirus - why retail customers are holding onto their cash in a time of uncertainty. LA TIMES


Cities pushing back against going cashless - How a cashless economy is a less-inclusive economy. NPR


Dispensaries report strong edibles-sales amid COVID anxiety, "Passing around a tin of individually-wrapped gummies is going to be much more acceptable than passing around a joint or a vape pen." NEW YORK TIMES


Cannabis industry embracing automation to cut costs and promote safety. MJ BIZ DAILY