A national leader in automated cash management, MIMO offers the most comprehensive, automated cash and coin management system on the market. Our patented technology automates the process of depositing, dispensing and exchanging coin and currency, drastically reducing the need for back office counting. MIMO acts as a comprehensive vault, counterfeit detector, and money-counter all at once, allowing companies to focus on business and customer =s first.

Simply put – MIMO performs cash-handling activates faster than even our best employees. There’s no question that your business will gain efficiency and significantly reduce errors.

Say Goodbye to counting cash and hello to customer conversation.

Employees are under extreme pressure to sort, count and validate bills. They are also increasingly expected to sell products and services. Time is money. Implementing an automated cash management solution creates an atmosphere that gives employees more time to focus on customers, and less time to worry about handling cash. MIMO’s technology simplifies reconciliation, reducing the amount of time employees spend counting (and recounting) cash and coins. Double and triple verifications are a thing of the past! In addition, MIMO immediately identifies counterfeit notes and securely stores cash, eliminating the opportunity for internal theft and increasing safety for employees.

That’s not all. Removing the daily, tedious process of managing and handling cash allows employees the freedom to start and end shifts in just under a minute. Employees are able to spend more time tending to customers, selling products and services. Most MIMO customers have seen significant ROI in as little as 12 months.

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