MIMO Cloud Back Office

MIMO Cloud-Based Back Office reporting is essential for any business using cash recycling and cash automation to streamline operations. 

Offering secure programming and full visibility – MIMO Back Office provides detailed reports, current inventory and status, and custom email and text Alerts when MIMO needs your attention

MIMO Back Office easily integrates with all MIMO cash recyclers, allowing your accounting team to easily pull detailed reports in real-time. Follow the activity of your MIMO live with the MIMO Dashboards.

Shift your focus from cash to customer.
Our in-house Development Team means MIMO software is more flexible than our competitors.
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"MIMO was a no-brainer..."
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Simplify operations and optimize cash flow.
MIMO's intuitive response and user-friendly software makes cash recycling easy for your whole team.
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MIMO Cloud Back Office Plus

Cloud Back Office Plus Users can effortlessly pull reports, monitor MIMO cash, and streamline reconciliation processes securely from anywhere, anytime.



Get yours today and explore the transformative power of Cloud Back Office Plus and unlock the full potential of your MIMO 200 Cash Management System. Experience the future today with MIMO 200 and Cloud Back Office Plus!

Why should we upgrade to MIMO Cloud Back Office Plus:

1) We need the ability to make updates to the MIMO from remote locations (Remote locations could be your desk, home, while traveling, etc.).

2) We would like various updates to be made by different people or departments.

3) Our IT Department prefers API integrations versus SQL replication.

4) We need enhanced permission capabilities.

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