MIMO 200

Did you know most Managers spend over 20 hours per week dealing with cash? While most Cashiers spend more than 30 minutes per day?!
In a world of increasing technology, why would you keep doing things the old-fashioned way? Break free from your routine with a solution designed to simplify your time-consuming and expensive daily cash responsibilities.
MIMO 200 is a fully flexible cash handling solution featuring MIMO Core software for full visibility. Designed to automate your entire cash room, MIMO 200 prepares banks, makes change, validates drops, secures your inventory, and elevates your Back Office with detailed, digitized reports.
Meanwhile MIMO's validation technology and sophisticated cloud-based software guarantee you save time, reduce loss, and prevent errors...which means bigger profits!
In fact, most MIMO customers have seen an ROI in as little as 12 months.

MIMO 300

MIMO 300 is our largest cash recycler for customers with a high cash volume.

After logging in, cashiers only need to press one button. A daily bank can be dispensed in less than sixty seconds!

Depositing cash, coin, and performing mid-day functions is just as simple. MIMO 300 allows a user to deposit 300 notes at once, the largest single deposit amount available on the market today. MIMO simultaneously processes cash and loose coin, saving you even more time!



Everyone's cash management needs are different, so why pay for what you don't need? Standing less than 4.5 tall, and only 16 inches wide, MIMO 50 is the most economical of all our MIMO products. This much more compact framework is perfect for those with a lower cash volume, and a smaller amount of available space.

MIMO was engineered to increase your bottom line by automating cash-handling operations for your business. MIMO 50 allows you to enjoy the speed and accuracy that made MIMO famous, in a much smaller package. Seamless hardware and software upgrades make this hotly anticipated MIMO sibling a trustworthy addition to any business, no matter your size. Pint-sized, microscopic, itsy-bitsy. Whatever you want to call it...small is the new big!


MIMO Tank is a mobile cash-handling solution featuring MIMO Core software.

MIMO Tank combines everything you love about MIMO cash automation technology

with the boundless freedom of mobility. MIMO Tank accepts, dispenses, and validates all cash transactions, putting an end to exhaustive verification and excessive counting.

MIMO Tank travels with you to securely collect cash from outlets around your venue, eliminating the long, crowded march to the cash room at the end of the night, and significantly reducing the amount of cash that employees have sitting in their tills during the day.

Integrate MIMO Tank to your POS system and significantly reduce major security risks in the field. Your runners never even have to touch the cash!

MIMO Back Office

With over 300,000 units being used worldwide, you can rest easy knowing that your currency is being handled by the only remote software innovative enough, detailed enough, and accurate enough for your business.

MIMO boasts a revolutionary Back Office Software program which allows you to securely monitor inventory from any location, giving you clear visibility of your cash and coin status. All you need is an internet connection! You can print detailed reports, view your current inventory, and even set up custom alerts to notify you when MIMO needs your attention. Comprehensive outlines can be exported to your preferred format for effortless balancing to your POS system. Investigating cash variances has never been easier. Sleep soundly at night knowing that your cash inventory is under constant surveillance.