MIMO Tank combines everything you love about MIMO cash and coin recycling and combines it with the freedom of mobile cash automation.

MIMO Tank accepts, dispenses, and validates all cash transactions, putting an end to exhaustive verification and excessive counting. MIMO Tank travels with you to securely collect cash from outlets around your venue, eliminating the long, crowded march to the cash room at the end of the night. MIMO Tank significantly reduces the amount of cash that employees have sitting in their tills during the day.

Your runners never even have to touch the cash! Reduce security risks in the field with MIMO Tank secure cassette storage and reduce the cash outside your vault. MIMO Tank cash recycling eliminates individual cash-counting at multiple locations throughout the day.

Shift your focus from cash to customer.
Our in-house Development Team means MIMO software is more flexible than our competitors.
Why Choose MIMO
"MIMO was a no-brainer..."
Langers Entertainment, OR
Simplify operations and optimize cash flow.
MIMO's intuitive response and user-friendly software make cash recycling easy for your whole team.
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