Cash recycling made easy.

MIMO™ was engineered to increase your bottom line by automating the cash-handling experience and streamlining operations for your business.  MIMO is a cash and coin recycler that prepares banks, makes change, verifies drops, secures your inventory, and elevates your Back Office with detailed reports. 

Without the pressure to sort, count, and validate cash - a MIMO cash and coin recycler gives your team the freedom to focus on improving your business and the customer experience. Cash automation is an easy way to modernize and simplify your entire operation.

The entire cash room is right at your fingertips! Most MIMO customers have seen an ROI in as little as 12 months!

MIMO 200 Side CC
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Cloud-based Back Office reporting.

Access data, customize alerts, and track inventory for multiple MIMO cash recyclers. Securely monitor and download employee transactions from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. 

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Simple software built for speed.

MIMO's intuitive response, user-friendly interface, and flexible design makes training and integration easy for your whole team.

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Fast and accurate authentication.

Eliminate errors and reduce the amount of time spent handling cash. MIMO cash and coin automation technology improves efficiency and the cashier experience.

Standalone or integrated cash accessories.

MIMO's high-speed cash counters and cash sorters are the industry's leading choice for those who require maximum accuracy and independent verification.